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Website Maintenance

Ever visit one of those sites that look old, feel old, and have information from two years ago? Website maintenance is as important as having a website in the first place.

An outdated website impacts your credibility and affects your lead conversion.

Would you neglect your shop front or office reception area? No, because you know that first impressions count. A shabby shop front or reception area sends a message to potential clients about you and your business - a message you don't want them to receive.

Poor website maintenance sends the same kind of message. The kind that tells your potential customers to go somewhere else.

Poor website maintenance takes different forms: old, oudated templates, outdated contact information, staff details, old or expired service offerings, information which all dates from years ago and has clearly not been updated. Visitors sense the neglect and move on to your competitors.

We offer a website maintenance service to keep your website looking shiny, new and loved; the way your business is.

Contact us for more information, or go here for our packages and pricing.