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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail or newsletter marketing is the ugly stepsister of online marketing.

All the glory goes to social media platform marketing, yet research shows that e-mail is still one of the most cost effective ways to build brand loyalty, communicate with your customers, attract new customers and drive your sales. As with the other marketing avenues, you will need to know your market and your client base. You can only do direct marketing to people or businesses that have an e-mail address, after all.

You will also need some way of gathering e-mail addresses to market to. Newsletter marketing is much like your company blog. You need to send your clients information that is useful, interesting, and that will lead them to your website. Overt, hardcore selling doesn't work that well. Focusing on communication and community building and giving your newsletter recipients useful information, does.

One of the very real benefits and advantages of e-mail marketing is that you have personal contact with someone who is interested in both what you have to say and what you have to sell. These are people who are buyers waiting to happen - a captive market.

While you are focusing on the more popular and visible marketing avenues that are social media and search engines, make sure you don't neglect the tried and tested that is e-mail marketing.

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