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Content Management

No matter what anyone tells you, the most important rule of thumb is that CONTENT IS KING. And Google knows it too.

That means content management is very important.

Honest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts will tell you that you can use the smartest keywords ever invented, but the best way to get people to see your website is by getting good quality exposure on the Internet, and the best way to get good quality exposure on the Internet is by having high quality content on your site. Posts people want to read.

That means that even if you have an online shop, you need to offer more - content people want to see, and hopefully, link to from websites that have a similar target market.

Here are six reasons why blogging helps your SEO:

  1. Blogging keeps your website fresh and current.
  2. A blog keeps people on your website for longer.
  3. Blogging helps you target long-tail keywords (ask us if you want to know what that means! Or Google it here.)
  4. A blog gives you opportunities for internal linking.
  5. A quality blog gives other sites more reasons to link back to your site.
  6. A blog helps you connect with your audience.
Content Management

Having a blog means that in addition to your basic website content - your products, adverts, electronic catalogues and so on, you also have to find the time to write and post interesting articles, paying enough attention to good SEO that your posts will appear in Google searches.

Sounds like a lot of work? Let us do the heavy lifting for you both in managing your sales content, and in writing for, and managing your site blog. Make use of our content management packages.

Contact us for more information or have a look at our pricing.