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We build fully responsive, visually appealng, yet extremely functional websites. We design according to current Internet best practices. Our premium templates enable you to build a website that is beautiful, efficient and that meets your business requirements. Our web design packages include:

Client Consultation:

Our philosophy is to get to know our clients and build a relationship with them, so we kickstart the design process with a personal consultation in order to ensure that we understand your needs and how they can be met by a digital solution. This enables us to establish what you like, the kind of look and feel that you find appealing, and what your goals are for your website.

1-12 Page Design:

Depending on the package you select, your design will include some or all of the following pages as standard: Welcome/Home, About Us, Products/Services Showcase/Gallery, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Blog. The contact page includes an e-mail form, address information and a Google map. The Terms & Conditions refer to business terms and conditions, as opposed to the legal disclaimer referred to below, which refers to site usage conditions. The Blog is an internal, company blog for which content will have to be supplied initially. Continued updating of the Blog will be for client's own account.

Privacy Statement:

The Privacy Statement is a standard Internet statement confirming you will protect and not disclose the personal information of site visitors.

Cookie Consent:

Cookie consent is a legal requirement in some jurisdictions, and is linked to a cookie policy.

Legal Disclaimer:

This protects your rights to the content on your website, as well as conditions of use of the website, rights of site visitors, etc.

Mobile / Tablet Friendly:

Our web designs are all Responsive - this means that the same design serves computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Care is taken to ensure that no design elements are used which will not be able to translate to a mobile phone screen.

.co.za Domain Regsitration - 12 Months:

The .co.za domain fee for 1 year is included in the design cost. We supply a full range of international domain names, and will quote for these on demand.

SEO Friendly:

Ourd designs and templates are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, which permits the allocation of metadata and key words at a granular level on your website.

Social Media Friendly:

We facilitate incorporation of Social Media "Like" buttons, as well as Social Media Sliders, etc.

Facebook and Twitter or Instagram Page Setup

Includes creation and setup of a Facebook and Twitter or Instagram page, creation of an appropriate account where required, and loading initial page or account contect as applicable.

Free Site Security Application:

While server security is included, we include additional free website security - Centrora Security. In our experience, this provides additional peace of mind and prevents hacking attempts.

Media to be Supplied by the Client:

All product / service information, pictures, and all other page content are to be provided by the client.