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SEO Process

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation and is a suite of techniques to get your website to appear as high as possible in search engine rankings. In the early days of the Internet, using good page headers and keywords was sufficient. Today, more is required. The holy grail is to appear on the first page of search engines when your product or service is searched. Since there are only fifteen to twenty slots on the first page, obviously only a very few businesses achieve this.

Search engines take a multitude of factors into account when deciding page rankings, not least of which is whether you have paid for your ranking or not. Search engine optimisation ensures that you have the best possible opportunity to appear as high as possible in search engine rankings.

Why do I need it?keywords

It is a simple fact that the higher you appear in search engines, the more traffic your website receives. This is free advertising, like the sign outside your shop and your window display, attracting additional feet into your shop. If they do not come in, they will never buy. If they do, you have the opportunity to sell them something. All other methods of advertising or improving your rankings will cost you money.

SEO improves the odds that searchers will find your website. It ensures that when people search for a product or service your business appears in the rankings for the correct thing. Quality of content and additional sources – links, internal and external, shared articles and content etc. have become an important factor in improving page rankings and all form part of a comprehensive SEO service.

Can I be number one tomorrow?

No. A solid SEO programme will move you up the rankings but you can expect a three to six month timeframe. There is no overnight solution. Consistent tweaking, development of high quality new content, regular updating of your site, are all factors that will improve your ranking continuously.

investmentWhy should I invest in SEO?

More and more purchasing is done directly over the internet and more and more consumers go to the internet first when they want to buy something. If you are not there, and potential customers cannot find you, you are not even in the game. SEO is an investment in your business and in your sales, in exactly the same way that your shopfront and printed media advertising are.

Good page rankings reduce the cost of advertising – pay per click expenditure and other marketing tools used to drive traffic to your pages.

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